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We have been advising freelances and principals of small and mid-size creative firms on business problems and opportunities for over twenty years. Thousands have taken advantage of this free, confidential* service offered to Creative Business newsletter subscribers.
Now, it is also available at a nominal fee to everyone.

Who provides it:

Cameron S. Foote, is the editor of Creative Business, and the author of the creative service industry's three best-selling business books: The Creative Business Guide to Marketing, The Business Side of Creativity, and The Creative Business Guide to Running a Graphic Design Business. He has forty years of varied industry experience that includes being Creative Director for a Fortune 500 firm, and running his own firm servicing Fortune 500 and smaller clients. He has conducted hundreds of industry seminars on creative firm marketing, pricing, and management.

What it costs:

•Free to current Creative Business newsletter subscribers
•$50 for advice only (telephone or e-mail)
•$75 for advice (telephone or e-mail) with a six-month trial to the PDF edition of Creative Business**

What you get:

•Up to 30 minutes of telephone consultation within 24 business hours
•Up to 500 words of e-mail advice within 24 business hours

How to arrange it:

1) Click below where appropriate.
2) Non-subscribers submit credit card information.
3) Describe your needs.
4) You'll receive our advice and recommendation(s) within 24 business hours.

*Names are never divulged.
**Not available to former subscribers.

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